BinB JobMart is a platform that provides career opportunities to job seekers in Bangalore. Bengali in Bangalore (BinB) as a socio-cultural organization has always tried to create an ecosystem that will help Bengalis relocating to Bangalore feel at home. Apart from our other events like celebrating Bengali festivities, cultural events, and sports tournaments, we also try to help individuals find jobs in Bangalore. 

Earlier we had decided to pass on the news regarding vacancies to the job seekers on an individual basis. But then we realized the difficulty in reaching out to the mass. Hence this group was formed. It has the following objectives.

  • Assist people with jobs
  • Connect one person to another thereby improving the networking of each and every individual
  • Give them the chance to choose from multiple opportunities
  • Live interaction between people for a better understanding of the job

One thing, we had pledged to keep in mind, we will not be like other job sites in recent times, wherein you have to either register or be a paid member in order to have better chances at grabbing your next career move. A Facebook group, to start with, has immense strength to hold people connected, and it surely did.

The platform would not have achieved its glory today, without the dedication of Nirmalya Dutta, an HR professional with 12+ yrs of job experience. His network and sheer execution brilliance enabled BinB Job Mart to be a 7500+ members group today.

So coming to the present day when anybody hears about us, the first thing that comes to their minds is “Hey.. You only help Bengalis?” to which we say “Come and join us. We help all.”

Current strength and operations

  • Currently, we have 7516 members that are growing with every passing day
  • We have a wide range of opportunities in the IT Sector. Previously the statistics were not so good in other sectors. But in the past few years, especially during Covid times, we have made huge advancements
  • As of now, we have successfully placed close to 50 people

Perseverance is the Key to Success:

From the days of Orkut, BinB JobMart has turned out to be a platform for churning dreams into reality. The success stories are numerous in numbers and this has added vintage to BinB, as a strong socio-cultural organization in Bangalore. As mentioned in the beginning, all of us at BinB try to create an ecosystem for Bengalis who are relocating to Bangalore. Helping someone to find a good job is the first step for any new person to establish himself /herself in Bangalore. We did realize that, by just collaborating and sharing opportunities we can make a difference in someone’s life. And after all, collaboration and helping each other is the core value of BinB and, we as members try to reflect the same across all our offerings.