“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world, it was crooked.” – Amy Morin.

It was Friendship Day, and a few of us women had gathered in the evening over a cup of coffee and chit chats. But as we started sharing our lives with each other, we realized that we are all the same in different ways. Between our tiniest joys or our little too-big achievements, to our unnoticed struggles of everyday life, we have so much in common, just the way we handle them is different.

Since there’s an invisible bond binding us together, so why not make the bond stronger and bigger? With this thought in mind, a new wing of BinB came into existence, exclusively for women of all age groups. And we named it BinB Tilottama.

“Tilottama” – the word simply means, someone whose tiniest part is also of the finest and highest quality.

What else could describe us women better than Tilottama? Within us women, there’s completeness, there’s a sense of fulfillment, there’s a sense of belonging. And our finest quality is we bind everyone together. The purpose of this ladies’ wing is to provide a place for all the BinB women to come together, celebrate their achievements, and be there for one another in various aspects of life.

And what started as a practice, became a habit, what started as a small talk, became a conversation. Because we share recipes, nurture our hobbies, and help each other in learning new skills. And within no time, what started with only five women members, became a group of more than 200 women.

Women empowerment has been one of the fundamental ideologies of BinB Tilottama. As it’s said, behind every successful woman, there is a group of empowered women, who believe in her. And that’s what we try to incorporate here. We try to show faith, and belief in each other, so that each one of us, tries to find courage in ourselves, to be who they are. From talking about equal rights and opportunities to providing resources, and networking, we aim to help women excel in their personal and professional lives. And all the above is done through many fun-filled activities of BinB Tilottama Ladies Wing that create a joyful environment for all.

We plan and organize events such as workshops, seminars, pottery classes, cooking classes, movie nights, potluck gatherings, and food festivals. Earlier, we even organized exclusive cooking classes by the elderly where they taught us some traditional Bengali dishes which are long forgotten in our generation. These events provide an opportunity for women to bond, learn new skills and explore themselves and evolve.

During Durga Puja, we organize fashion shows, ramp walks, and many such platforms where women can showcase their talents, and the winner is honored with a crown and given the title of Ms/Mrs. BinB Tilottama of the year.

In a nutshell, BinB Tillotama Ladies Wing is a platform that combines women empowerment, food, fun, Indian culture, and the celebration of womanhood. Because we believe, being a woman is a celebration in itself.