Bengali in Bangalore (BinB) is a Socio-cultural organization with an objective to preserve, promote, and celebrate Bengal’s socio-cultural richness, fostering unity, diversity, and inclusivity within the Bengali community and beyond.

Durga Puja is our biggest event, followed by Kali puja and Saraswati puja. We also organize sports events, like Badminton & TT tournaments, football leagues, and gully cricket. We are a diverse community of people having interests from varied segments of life. We also support and engage in multiple non-profit activities and often drive relief funds during any natural calamities or disasters.

BinB Membership will allow you to enjoy members’ privileges and enjoy our community to its fullest. BinB Membership privilege includes –

  1. BinB registered members will enjoy special discounted rates in all events organized throughout the year
  2. Prime access to BinB ( social media platforms to promote your business ) in case you are an entrepreneur
  3. Special access to the multiverse of events spread across sports, culture, picnics, and drives  for you & your family
  4. Be an integral part of South Bangalore’s most popular Durga Pujo – BinB Durgotsav
  5. Get exclusive rights to ( BinB Jobmart & BinB sports pages to either search for a job or enlighten the sports enthusiast in you )
  6. BinB Bijoya Shommeloni, is an exclusive members-only event ( fully funded by BinB ) – a cultural evening with great performances from our members along with some lip-smacking starters followed by dinner.

As a community, we plan to engage with each and every interested individual looking for a common social bond. We provide that platform where you can showcase your talent, be it from the cultural side, sports driven or something else, that you might suggest us. All our present members enjoy unrestricted access to any BinB event, which is a rare occurrence in Bangalore. We believe to serve society by empowering our members to be assets to the larger society where they come forward and lend their selfless support to make each and every event a huge success. BinB not only caters to the young generation but also has a strong base of senior citizens making it more inclusive for families to be part of a larger celebration. BinB is for everyone, so come join us and have unadulterated fun.

Membership Process