From the age-old times, Bengalis are proud sports enthusiasts. Who can forget the famous Bengali song by Manna Dey – Shab Khalari Shera Bangalir, tumi football. During earlier times, a football match between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal used to create pin-drop silent streets in Calcutta. Irrespective of caste and creed, each and every para will get divided into two races – Mohanbangan supporters or East Bengal supporters, such was the craze.

IT revolution has taken out the most precious thing of our life, ‘time’. We do not have time to show such enthusiasm these days, but however, we still try to watch matches and fight over the other teams who lose.

BinB proudly celebrates the true passion of Bengali culture when it comes to sports. We organize multiple sports events ranging from football, cricket, badminton & TT tournaments, etc. We see a hidden passion in our members to show their flare in the field or court respectively. We do not restrict ourselves only to our members, but try to encourage every individual of the society irrespective of their place of origin to come and play with us. We have had kids participate in Cricket tournaments along with adults and have senior citizens play football with us.

BinB Sports Events that we organize are:

BinB Football:

Every year we organize a football tournament, the most famous being our fans derby, the match between the East Bengal and Mohun Bagan fans club here in Bangalore, being organized for the last five years. Last year the media channel – ETV Bangla News telecasted our match. We also organize our BinB Football league, where we have more than 11 teams participating to play football, having more than 100 players.

BinB Badminton & Table Tennis:

Badminton and table tennis is a game of reflex and fast action that tests the zeal and passion of the participant in combating his opponent. BinB believes in the spirit of this game and therefore encourages everyone to come and test their ability. We have had huge participation in both games in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

BinB Cricket:

Cricket is worshiped in India more by the name of religion than by game. Celebrating this spirit, BinB has organized gully cricket in the past and will definitely conduct a cricket tournament every year. As a protocol, each team will have participation from two female members as well as 2 kids, allowing everyone to enjoy sports irrespective of gender or age.